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During the summer of 2022 the Economist published an article “ESG, Three letters that won’t save the planet” as a 9 Page feature. The accompanying illustration showed scissors cutting out the S and the G from Environmental, Social and Governance. The article sets out the argument that we are in a climate crisis, and we should only focus on the E ‘Environment’, and therefore ESG should be boiled down to one simple measure: Emissions.

Since this article, it seems as if national leaders, captains of industry, standard setters, regulators and sadly even Chief Sustainability Officers are rapidly going in this direction and hence why my fellow sustainability leaders and I felt compelled to write this article urgently. Firstly, we want to challenge this theory, and illustrate why this strategy is not only wrong but dangerous for humanity, and at the same time demonstrate that there truly is a more sustainable and simple way forward. Ironically even though I completely disagree with this article, I actually do agree with the Economist and all its followers, that ESG won’t save the planet and all our efforts should boil down to one simple measure. Please read on...

Mother Earth Is Sick

Allow me to illustrate my rebuttal of the Economist’s strategy, as a human story.

Imagine Mother Earth as a human being, and we (humanity) are all doctors sitting in a hospital. Mother Earth arrives at the ER and exclaims, “I’m really not well Doctors, I’m burning up, there are eruptions going on inside of me, I’ve got a dangerously high fever that only keeps increasing, I’m bursting into flames and I’m sweating so profusely in floods of rain and tsunamis to cool myself down and fight this virus. I honestly feel like I’m dying! Can you please help me? I urgently need help as if I don’t get well soon, I can’t look after all my inhabitants, and they are getting sick and dying because of my illness too.”

Let’s imagine three sets of doctors and their responses. I have categorised this into what I perceive as broadly the three schools of thought and strategies in response to problem solving the urgent environmental crisis.

The first set of doctors- Let’s call them the Myopic Doctors, look and whisper to each other:

“I don’t believe her, this is a severe case of hypochondria, I’ve seen this pattern before. I bet you this is just a phase she’s going through, let’s just send her home?”

They say to Mother Earth, “sorry there’s nothing we can really do for you, there’s no cure for what you’ve got, but we are pretty sure this is just related to the age bracket you are in, it's a bit like menopause all women get it, and if you just weather this out for a bit longer, you should get over it.”

“But I’ve been coming into this hospital month after month trying to tell you that I’m very, very sick and I haven’t recovered because it actually feels like I’m being attacked by my own cells and organs” (let’s imagine cells are citizens and organs are organisations). “Never mind, I’m going to see if some other doctors can help me”. Mother Earth says very disheartened and goes to the next set of doctors.

The second set of doctors- Let’s call them the Theory Doctors, look at Mother Earth and comment:

“Thank you for sharing, it sounds like you’ve got Climate Change caused by excess Carbon Dioxide levels caused by human activity. What we can do are some tests, we are going to examine your organs and cells (organisations and citizens) and measure their carbon emissions through a technique called scope 1,2,3. It’s like checking your temperature and we’ll aggregate this up to national and global levels and monitor you for the next few years. In the meantime, we will also bring up your issue at a number of conferences we have during the year to see if we can diagnose the problem better and come up with a treatment”.

Mother Earth replies, “You mean you are not going to treat me, but just test and monitor me? I have been complaining about the same symptoms for years and I honestly feel like it's really critical as I can hardly breathe now."

The doctors respond, “Yes, we can only do tests for now, we really need to measure the CO2 being produced by your organs and cells, for a while before we treat you. We’re still figuring out how we measure scope 3. We do have this potential course of treatment we are trialling called “net zero” where we can see if your organs can reduce their carbon emissions and if not they can offset it through carbon credits.”

“What does that mean?”, an increasingly desperate Mother Earth cries out.

“Well, if your organs can’t reduce their emissions, then they can look to another organ to buy their reduced emissions,” replied the doctors.

“Doctors with all due respect, I really don’t think it’s only CO2 which is the root cause of what’s making me really unwell, I feel there are much worse things my cells and organs are doing to me, and your carbon credit treatment also seems flawed, you mean my organs can continue behaving in the same manner, but as long as they have enough money, they can buy some other organ’s reductions? How does that make the original organ that’s creating all the toxins healthier? How do you really know that one organ is really reducing their emissions?” asks a very disheartened Mother Earth.

“Well we are still working all of that out and it's an experimental treatment as we said before” the doctors nervously explain “but for now we just allow your organs to buy and sell their emission credits on a marketplace. We are also imposing some taxes, but if they don’t want to pay those they can offset this with carbon credits also. It really is the best treatment and strategy we have got for you right now, and we need to make you aware the course of treatment is till at least 2050, and we are not sure if this is going to work.”

Mother Earth leaves in anguish and heads to the third set of doctors.

The third set of doctors- Let’s call them the Holistic Doctors, they review the patient and actually start to try and diagnose the root cause of Mother Earth’s illness immediately by asking a number of questions.

“We are so sorry it’s gotten to this dire stage, and that no one has been able to help you so far, as it sounds like we could have treated this much earlier.” They ask Mother Earth, "may we ask you a few questions, when did you first start feeling like this, were there any events that you feel caused this?”

Mother Earth explains, “yes, I noticed my symptoms increased post the industrial revolution particularly with mining and deforestation, when I was being forced to overproduce and my organs were taking more and more out of me, and I have not had a break in decades. I have also noticed these past few years, that humans have been flying planes and drones into the sky, injecting my clouds with iodine, geo-engineering the weather and spraying chemicals in the atmosphere. There’s been an increase in electromagnetic fields in the air through technology infrastructure, there are toxins and pollutants not just in my air, but in my soil and water making everything and everyone sick, plastic and rubbish are blocking up all my waterways and I really feel like every time one of my organs attacks me like this, I'm sick for days and it's getting harder and harder to recover. One remarkable thing is that I started feeling a lot better during 2020 and 2021 when my organs took a break from major activities and I was able to rest and regenerate, all the plants and animals were so excited too, but then it all started back up in 2022.”

The third set of doctors quickly reply, “we need to get you into emergency surgery and treatment urgently, it sounds like you have been poisoned, and that economic drivers of GDP, shareholder value, control and power are what’s causing some of your organs to produce more and more products and toxins. But we believe there's a more fundamental issue going on, it sounds like a lack of human consciousness is the root cause of your disease. As a course of treatment we will ascertain which organs are producing the toxins, and we will put them on a treatment to re-educate, remove, reduce, reuse, replenish and regenerate, through some very strict policies. We will help your cells (citizens) become more conscious and stop sending signals of demand to these organs, which will stop supply. We will transplant new organs which are life giving to your cells. We will need to replenish your body with clean and pure fluids, oxygen, energy and plenty of rest. We are going to reward those organs that start reducing toxins and replenishing you first, by giving them more incentives to be more sustainable and healthier. If we can do this quickly enough, we’re confident that your body will regenerate itself to full well-being in a matter of months.”

“Thank you, thank you doctors, I’m so so grateful finally to meet with doctors who are properly listening to me and diagnosing and treating my problem holistically and systemically. I just desperately want humanity to be conscious, for them to respect each other and me, so we can live in harmony together. If they can only realise that by protecting me and all my living creatures, I have such abundance to give them.”

Why measuring Emissions and focusing only on the E (Environment) in isolation is not only a flawed strategy but dangerous for humanity and the planet.

This illustration may seem reductive, but by boiling such a huge set of problems down into a simple human and well-being set of metaphors it becomes easier to identify where our approach to solving an environmental crisis borders on lunacy.

The first set of Myopic Doctors are not even acknowledging that Mother Earth is sick, burying their heads in the sand and are not performing their roles as doctors. Humanity has been given the responsibility of guardians and stewards of the planet, to make it better for the next generation. Therefore, this really can’t be our response even if some of us don’t believe in climate change, at the very least humanity should all agree that we are not treating the planet well, and we are taking out of her more than we are putting back in, and what we are putting into the Earth is making both people and planet very sick.

The second set of Theory Doctors are only diagnosing and treating the symptoms, ie rising CO2 emissions. This is what the Economist article was alluding to as a strategy for combating climate change, to simplistically focus on the Environmental issues and boil down our metrics to only measuring Emission outputs, is merely focusing on treating the symptoms not the cause. On a side note, we also have come to know by now how badly our carbon credit idea failed. Since carbon credits and trading has been introduced (and we have invested billions into this marketplace), we’ve seen a negative effect of large companies pre-purchasing unverified carbon credits to stockpile and offset their increased emissions and tax bills (knowingly and unknowingly). Recently the Guardian publication verified the same point through an investigation into the efficacy of the carbon credit and trading marketplace and strategy for decarbonisation, and thankfully we are now seeing a mass exodus from these schemes. Here are just a couple of links to those articles:

So What Three Letters Will Save The Planet? The Answer is SEE

The third set of Holistic Doctors are the true sustainability doctors, wanting to diagnose and treat the cause using a holistic social, economic and environmental (SEE) lens. They can already SEE that Mother Earth is incredibly sick, so they don't focus their attention there, and through their questioning make a remarkable diagnosis that the root cause is a human consciousness crisis! The citizens and organs and an economic system driving them is what needs to be fixed first. They are focusing more time on treating the cause, not the symptoms, by focusing on monitoring, measuring and managing the wellness and recovery process, and not focusing on monitoring, measuring and managing how sick the patient is like the Theory Doctors. They are working backwards from the impact and outcomes they want to see and then framing the appropriate inputs and outputs that need to change.

Ask any holistic doctor who focuses on root cause diagnosis and treatment and they will tell you that there are only really three main reasons why we as humans get sick and they are all based on man-made factors, toxins we put on our body, toxins we put in our body or thirdly toxins in our environment we subject our body to (eg. stress, fear, anger, exposure to electromagnetic fields, pollution etc), and these toxins can also be passed down hereditarily through the generations via our DNA and our genomes. If we say our environmental crisis is really in its simplest form that Mother Earth is sick, what is the cause of her virus? Did she make herself sick, did the animal kingdom take revenge on the humans and make Mother Earth sick, or are we, the humans, the cause, and more importantly why are we the cause?

The Involution From ESG Back To The Evolution Of SEE

Social, Economic and Environmental (SEE), in that order, has always been and still is the primordial trinity of sustainable development problem solving, systemised either through the three “Ps”, People, Profit, Planet or more robustly through the three “Ecos”. Eco means Home in Greek, Ecology (S to learn about our home), Economy (E to govern and distribute our home) and Ecosystem (E to manage our home). True Sustainability can neither be looked at nor obtained in one dimension. SEE is an interconnected Venn diagram of concentric circles that rolls into one dimension of consciousness which is Purpose. Similarly for total harmony of well-being we need the body, mind and spirit to be in complete balance, acting and impacting each other as one triune system, this too is the embodiment of SEE. SEE actually underpins the why and how I created World Wide Generation and the G17Eco Platform.

All the world’s sustainable development initiatives and issues can also be categorised as Social, Economic and Environmental, but these issues are not siloed. Some issues are Socio-Economic, some are Economic-Environmental, and so forth. Therefore, issues of sustainability are best solved in a systemic, interconnected and holistic way, measured through a theory of change over time, which is based on inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact. To solve a problem or remedy an issue of sustainability once and for all, impact and outcomes must form the point of departure for any strategy addressing issues of sustainability with appropriate responses. From this point of departure and working backwards to diagnose the root causes of an issue, the inputs and outputs are readily ascertained. These can then be appropriately tracked to deliver the intended outcomes and impacts. Measuring only CO2 emissions, or even measuring from an ESG framework, is purely measuring inputs and outputs and creates more blind spots for accurate diagnosis and prognosis if we are not framing the problem and solution through a holistic SEE lens.

So How Do We Apply SEE To Save The Planet?

Start with solving the Social first

Our third set of Holistic doctors used a SEE framework in diagnosis and treatment. Going back to our analogy that the organs of Mother Earth are organisations (representing people), they start with solving the Social dimension first of human consciousness. What is causing people to act like this? What is driving them to produce toxins and extract more than they are replenishing the planet with? The doctors realise there are economic drivers of GDP, shareholder value and a hunger to amass wealth and power which is causing those at the top of the pyramid to dishonour the citizens and planet. So how do we adjust the Economic factors?

Now, within our governance policies around the world in matters of true sustainability, we neither penalise bad behaviour, nor reward good. Most policies are reactive rather than proactive and we don't really have anyone governing over the bad actors. So our very best prognosis as described by the Holistic Doctors is to awaken the cells (citizens) to stop demand of the toxic products and look to new organs (organisations) for the supply of what they need.

Professor Daniel Kahneman, behavioural economist who discovered that we have two systems of thinking, conscious and subconscious, proved that 90% of our decision making is subconscious. Our subconscious mind and system of thinking is an automated and fast, fight or flight system that does our thinking for us based on a set of cognitive biases. The three primary default decision making biases are:

(1) our subconscious mind favours the now instead of the future,

(2) favours pleasure more than pain,

(3) remembers loss more than gain.

These cognitive biases are built up over billions of data points and experiences we have accumulated from the womb till today based on our senses and experiences. These data points create programs or “stories” in our subconscious mind to form the basis for the thousands of decisions our subconscious brain makes on our behalf every second, minute, hour and day. The primary objective of the subconscious mind is to keep us safe and well. You’re probably thinking by now, what on earth do neuroscience and human consciousness have to do with sustainable development? Good question, please read on…

Kahneman’s research went further, eventually winning a Nobel Prize for his thesis. He proposed that the state of humanity and the planet are devastated so much because “our current economic system is not compatible with human thinking”. Our economic system - a scarcity, debt-based money system, which decreases the purchasing power through fiscal devaluation and continuous negative feedback loops – because we have put money i.e. shareholder value and GDP as our main purpose for our existence and success on the planet – is why we as humans are in this mess today. In summary humanity has not been allowed to be fully illuminated to their purpose, the global purpose and to top it off we've then built an economic system which plays to our subconscious mind instead of our conscious mind.

An Equation For Change

Kahneman was a hundred percent right. Why our economic systems were not reconfigured since this breakthrough discovery in 2002 is still perplexing to me.

Now in 2023 I truly believe we can make the SEE change with a simple formula:

Einstein founded E=mc2 and later he would go on to redefine his own formula after discovering "love is the most powerful energy force in the universe, therefore the energy to heal the world can only be obtained through Love multiplied by the speed of light squared, E=lc2". In all my research I couldn't find anyone who delved into the true meaning of what Einstein had uncovered here. Allow me to try and unpack this:

We propose En= -(S+EC)/lc2


Inequality = Social (S)

Poverty = Economic (Ec)

Health = Environmental (En)

lc2= Love and Light to the power of itself

Therefore if we want to solve to improve the Health or well-being of any environment, then we need to reduce inequality or imbalance (S) and reduce poverty or lack (EC) and the only way to do that is to divide it by Love and Light, the healing energy force. Love for each other, love for our fellow humans, love for the planet, love for our creator, and the Light to SEE in the darkness, this is an evolution of consciousness. Love and Light is not just some hippy dippy positive salutation, if you really understand the quantum and particle physics behind this theory, we unlock the alchemical process of matter creation itself. Love literally has magnetic properties and Light has electric properties and are the only two elements in the universe which can be divided infinitely by itself, doesn't diminish but exponentially multiplies.

If we want a strong Society (S) we need to reduce our Poverty (Ec) issues and improve our Health (En) Environmental and divide it by the love and light produced by Humanity. Interesting that Einstein uses "c" to denote the speed of light, could it be that that all these years "c" is consciousness (the speed at which all electromagnetic (light and love) radiation moves when in a perfect vacuum). Light produces illumination, illumination produces information, information produces consciousness for us to SEE the way, the truth and life.

If “Eco” means Home and Earth is a nested structure of systems, then Home is a Body, Home is a Family, Home is an Organisation, Home is a Community, Home is a City, Home is a Nation, Home is the Planet- Earth our common Home. Similarly at every level of home, the Social is the Spirit, Economic is the Mind and the Environment is the Body, therefore to have a healthy home (eco) at any dimension, it's based on what we believe, how we feel and how we think. From what we believe, our thoughts send the electric light signal out into the cosmos and our emotions magnetise the reality back to us on earth. The more we know and believe the truth, the more love we feel, the more positive our thoughts are and this is what produces matter (what materialises in our reality). So if we are constantly putting humanity in states of oppression, fear and lack, this is actually what we will keep attracting and producing in our reality, even if this is the very thing the majority of us are trying to avoid. When you understand the physiology of SEE in relation to the human body and atomic level (which I will aim to cover in future articles) you will appreciate Einstein's redefined equation of E=lc2 with even greater excitement. Our global crisis is a crisis of consciousness, its the inability for some of us to directly experience our true nature, and an inability to recognise this true nature in everyone and in all things. As we transcend, awaken and become more conscious of our purpose, who we really are and the true power we came into the world possessing, we wouldn't have built or accepted our current economic system, nor would we be behaving with such disrespect and inequality to each other or Nature.

If SEE is both the diagnosis and treatment of illness, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the goals of what good looks like...

I have been researching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since they were ratified in September 2015 and was part of the strategy panel with the UN to try and figure out how we were going to deliver these goals by 2030 before humanity ran out of time. While I discovered many tragic issues with the SDGs, and some of the intentions and motivations in their delivery may not have been pure, the SDGs in themselves are pure. I also realised quite quickly that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the 169 targets are actually written as an interconnected SEE framework and mapped to a theory of change of outcomes and impact methodology already. However, when it came to sustainability measurement and problem solving, an ESG framework and methodology was developed and started gaining popularity c.2006, and while this framework achieved some advancements in moving humanity, sustainability accounting and reporting forward, there have been some significant problems with ESG.

There are two main issues with ESG that affect its efficacy. First, non-financial activities and reporting are separated from financial activities and reporting. Second, the approach only measures inputs and outputs not outcomes and impact. As a result, sustainability has been something organisations and nations have done as a side practice, with separate teams. Sustainability measurement has not been core to the business model of operations, product creation and distribution. Another reason why I believe ESG has set us back in achieving true sustainability was that we were never able to ‘SEE’ the organisational, and therefore national benefits, of investing in sustainable development. Through the illustration of the Mother Earth story you can see that ESG is the equivalent of measuring a sick person's temperature and fixing symptoms but not diagnosing the root cause and treating that cause holistically and for good. That’s why ESG and simply reducing metrics to emissions tracking will not save the planet. SEE is both the diagnosis of the cause and the treatment plan to deliver desired outcomes and impact. The SDGs are the benchmark of total wellness to measure ourselves against these goals and targets at the Individual, Organisational, National and Global levels. SEE should be the replacement for ESG and SDG should be the replacement for GDP. Therefore as I said previously I do agree with the Economist that we should boil everything down to one measure, but instead of Emissions or as it's being termed now as CO2e (Carbon Dioxide equivalents), it would be % SDG contribution standardised across all organisations and Nations and you are either positively or negatively contributing to the SDGs, which is actually measuring consciousness.

The Social, Economic and Environmental (SEE) Approach To Total Well-Being

This brings us to the importance for nations, organisations and citizens learning to see their organisations and themselves through a holistic multidimensional and integrated SEE lens and system, which can only be delivered through standardisation and interoperability of everyone doing the same test, with the same definition, counting in the same units and not marking their own test! This is the only way we are going to be able to diagnose the root cause of all 17 global ills, their interconnectedness with each other, gain clarity of where to invest, divest, manage risk and know what solutions are actually working for scale up. The strap line of the SDG strategy is “prosperity for all”. Prosperity does not mean monetary terms only. Wealth comes from the word “wella” which means well-being. So, what sustainability believers and experts are really saying is well-being for all, and therefore in true sustainability terms, we should substitute GDP and shareholder value for SDG contribution. The measurement is how 'well' are we in every dimension of SEE. The more conscious an individual, organisation and nation is the more purpose-driven, protected and prosperous it is ie. well, and the more well we are the faster we contribute to the 17 SDGs simultaneously. This is the measure of success and theory of change we want to SEE in humanity and in the earth urgently.

But we do not need to throw the proverbial ESG baby out with the bathwater. As the founder of World Wide Generation and the G17Eco platform, for the past seven years we have mapped over 3000 ESG metrics to SEE and the SDGs into one digital taxonomy, to make the transition extremely easy and seamless for all stakeholders companies big and small, assurers, financial institutions, stock exchanges, regulators, governments, NGOs and ultimately even citizens to evolve to SEE. The platform enables each constituent to be able to SEE themselves through the SEE lens and go beyond capturing inputs and outputs to truly measure their contribution to outcomes and impacts against global targets of the SDGs. This is truly where risk is reduced and value and wealth are grown for everyone, and it turns our current economic model of control and false penalising to freedom and rewarding good behaviour for those positively contributing to society, the economy and the environment.

In this new movement for change, my fellow sustainability leaders and I are advocating for an integrated understanding and reporting structure in which there is no separation between financial and non-financial activities. There is no such thing as non-financial reporting because every activity has a financial impact (positive or negative). There is no such thing as a sustainability strategy, there is only a strategy, one that is sustainable or one that is not. We are not advocating for the separation or removal of Governance, rather we are arguing that strong Governance should underpin all Social, Economic and Environmental metrics, policies and initiatives.

To solve the environmental crisis, we cannot stop everything to focus purely on Environmental issues and only measure emissions. Our symptoms may be increased Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, but we are in this state of the planet because we have a people issue and the people issue is caused by an economic system that plays to the weakness of our subconscious human thinking bias. This bias puts increasing monetary value as our global purpose instead of true wealth i.e. well-being. But if we swap the global purpose of money, with the global purpose of well-being and reward this behaviour, it has the power to change the course of the entire 21st Generation's legacy of leaving the planet in a better place than we came to it, for healthier and stronger future generations.


So if I may rewrite the Economist's headline article to:

SEE-Three letters that will save the planet, boiled down to one simple universal measure: SDG contribution.

The philosophy of SEE starts with the Social first. Taking people out of poverty and reducing inequalities, can only be achieved by increasing the powerful electromagnetic field of love and light aka human consciousness. This requires access to new and trusted evidenced based data to help awaken us to the true global purpose and who we really are, this in turn will upgrade our belief systems, consumption choices, decision making and problem solving strategies. If 90% of our decision making is subconscious (irrational) with cognitive biases programmed in from birth, unlocking this new and trusted data is the most critical step, and we need to leverage the power of technology to ensure that all our information we receive can be traceable to source with immutable provenance and evidence. We need to stop investing our time inventing more metrics and more tests to measure how sick our people and planet are, and each country developing their own taxonomies and standards, but focus our efforts on reducing and standardising the metrics to the most important SEE metrics that count and will make a material difference to solving the cause of our world’s greatest ills and measuring our progress to wellness and consciousness.

We should all be playing to our strengths and working on issues that are most material to our industry and purpose. If we can SEE clearly with evidence-based data, we will SEE that all of the solutions are in nature itself, and if all matter comes from our thoughts, then raising the human consciousness to believe, think and feel differently is how we solve the (S) Social System.

The second step is to reform our (E) Economic System which at this present moment only measures monetary growth as the success factor, and puts us deeper into fear, lack and debt. We need an economic system that’s compatible with human behaviour and in alignment with the way our subconscious brain works (i.e. favours the now instead of the future, favours pleasure instead of pain, remembers loss instead of gain).

So how could we build an economic system that plays to the strengths of human thinking and behaviour in a positive way? My answer is to build an economic system that rewards good behaviour (i.e. makes it truly more profitable and valuable to be sustainable), puts more people in the pleasure state and makes the bad actors feel the loss more. Building carbon credit and tax offsetting marketplaces, that allow some rich nations and corporations to keep doing what they are doing, but able to buy carbon credits to abdicate their responsibilities, is completely the wrong and dangerous strategy that doesn’t fix the problem. If we put the purpose of humanity and the planet as wellness for all, replace GDP and Shareholder value with SDG contribution, and reward this behaviour, this is the electromagnetic energy source of light and love respectively we need for people and the planet to change and heal rapidly.

One of my favourite songs is Amazing Grace, and I found the power of this song through my own soul-searching journey to purpose, and when I made the discovery that everything in creation is created with a SEE framework. Once we come to the realisation that the meaning of life is an evolution of grace, configured purely to help us awaken and transcend to greater levels of consciousness aka love and light, so we can SEE the way, the truth and life clearly, just to journey back Home (Eco) again, we live our lives and make decisions completely different. “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I SEE.”

So in conclusion, like our bodies have a powerful immune and regeneration system if we solve the root cause of the ‘dis-ease’, Mother Earth has an even more powerful immune and regeneration system, if we just prevent the cause we really don’t need man-made cures. As we enter the 7th month of the year 2023 my hope and prayer is that the 21st Century Generation will take our role as doctors and caretakers seriously, we will reinstate our global purpose as “wella” well-being and we go back to the primordial trinity of sustainable development, SEE. We start with solving the S System first (Social, People, Inequality, Ecology (to learn about our Home)), we work on ourselves to awaken to greater consciousness, and then the E System (Economic, Profit, Poverty, Economy (to administer and govern our Home)), and the last E System (Environmental, Planet, Health, Ecosystem (to manage our Home)) will solve itself. ESG is the diagnosis and treatment of the symptoms, SEE is the diagnosis and treatment of the cause, and if we heal ourselves, we heal the planet.

If you want to SEE change and SEE the world move beyond ESG and Emissions, please like, sign your name in the comment section and share this article amongst your networks to join the World Wide Generation movement! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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